The Nature Conservancy of Canada

“Naturescapes” and other experiential environment pieces

A long-standing partner of BrainWorks, the Nature Conservancy of Canada first came to the agency

in need of a creative partner who could help them produce meaningful content about the ongoing conservation efforts taking place all around the Atlantic region.

The assignment

The Nature Quiz was created by the Nature Conservancy of Canada as a way to bring awareness to environmental issues in Canada while also giving something tangible to the public: an accurate portrait of the respondent’s actual relationship to nature and ways to nurture and grow that relationship over time.

A key element of the messaging and overall direction of this campaign was our connection to nature and how this connection contributes greatly to our wellbeing. It was also important to be representative of every Atlantic province. In order to incite a connection to nature, we needed to show local flora.


Nature + nature.

The campaign’s three-prong goals were to drive Atlantic Canadians to the Nature Quiz site in order to increase survey completions.

The second was to raise awareness of Atlantic Canada’s conservation efforts and mission and finally, to reconnect the people of Atlantic Canada with the nature that surrounds them by showing hyper-localized creatives in each province.




The Nature Conservancy of Canada

What we did

Video Production

The NCC/BrainWorks partnership continues to present day where our team is currently working on some filming and design projects
Tangible Results
  • 17.1K clicks on Nature Quiz ads
  • 1.17% click-through rate (the industry standard for this category is 0.60%)
  • 311.7K unique audience reached
  • 1.45M impressions